Fit for all seasons

Four Seasons Physique team Four Seasons Physique team

To me September always feels like a month for fresh starts. The autumn season arrives and with it comes a new school term and beautiful colours spreading across the trees.

It’s often at this time of year when we re-evaluate our yearly goals or look to start afresh – and this can often mean kick-starting a fitness regime after a summer of BBQs and cocktails.

On Saturday I was kindly invited to join Four Seasons Physique’s team workout in Christchurch Park.

To be completely honest, I have only been to one boxing class this summer so I was a little bit worried! But I didn’t need to be as all the coaches were really encouraging and welcoming. The group had a really friendly and supportive feel as we carried out sets of strength training, plyometrics and boxing.

Boxing with Four Seasons Physique
Boxing with Four Seasons Physique

Four Seasons Physique was set up by Luke Hall last year to offer people lifestyle transformations. The bespoke service includes personal training, nutritional advice and transforming the client’s mind set about their health and fitness.

Luke decided to create Four Seasons Physique after leaving the police force. Rather than setting up a traditional personal training service, he wanted to help people to make a complete lifestyle change that would be long-lasting. There are no fad-diets, no quick fixes. It’s about finding a routine that suits that person and is sustainable for their way of life.

“We really dive deep into a person’s mind set, into their lifestyle, so we know exactly what is going on and where they want to be – it’s not as simple as knowing someone’s goals, it’s about checking in with the client and following up as that equals a lifestyle transformation,” explains Luke, “It is education, at the end of the day and providing people with the change that they need to enjoy their lives more and lead the healthiest, happiest lifestyle that they can.”

Working out with Four Seasons Physique
Working out with Four Seasons Physique

The first thing Luke does with a new client is to visit them at home for a Wellness Profile. This informal consultation gives Luke an understanding of the client, their lifestyle and goals. He can then work out the best 3 month programme for them and assign them a coach.

The coach will pick the client up from their house (so no excuses for missing a session) and head to an outdoor location for their workout. Luke’s team covers the majority of the county and will follow up on their clients after each work out to ensure they are staying on track. This consistent motivation is what Luke says sets Four Seasons apart.

“We are slowly but surely growing – the aim is to start local and then roll it out nationally. But no matter how big it gets, we never want to lose that personal touch, that one-to-one approach,” says Luke.

And after meeting Luke’s growing community, I’m certain we’ll be seeing many more Four Seasons Physique teams across the country soon.

Four Seasons Physique team
Four Seasons Physique team