How yoga is benefiting my health

In the past I’ve attended a number of different yoga classes (I used to run the social media for a wellness centre) but never consistently.

I originally wanted to go back to practising yoga to help with my posture (sitting at a desk all day typing is not the one!), but I’ve found that yoga has helped with another aspect of my health – in a way I wasn’t expecting. But more on that in a moment.

I’ve been attending yoga classes at Mint Fitness in Aldeburgh since the sessions started at the beginning of the year.

Sometimes going to a yoga class for the first time can be a bit intimidating. I think this is more of a self-conscious thing as you worry that everyone will judge how much of a beginner you are – but at Mint I didn’t feel intimated in the slightest.

The yoga instructors at Mint are so friendly and always offer variations of poses to choose depending on your level.

I started off going to the Shakti yoga class on a Sunday morning. The class is described as playful, energising sequences to open and uplift. We flow through the poses, with instructions on when to inhale and exhale.

We finish each class with an ‘Om’ and I always feel uplifted and relaxed, the perfect way to start a Sunday morning.

Since starting to practise yoga regularly I’ve noticed that I’m more aware of my posture during the day at work, my flexibility is improving and also something I wasn’t expecting – it helps my IBS immensely!

I’ve suffered from IBS for nearly three years now. It’s changed my life. I used to LOVE food. My dad is a great chef and I used to love nothing more than going over to my parents for a delicious dinner or going out with friends to a restaurant.

But since getting IBS I can’t do that – my diet has completely changed and I have to stick to a bland routine and any alterations will upset me for a week. Anyway, I’ll do another post on my IBS diet if anyone is interested!!

Since getting IBS I very often wake up with stomach cramps, they will sometimes disappear as the day goes on, but sometimes I will have them all day.

But, after a yoga class – gone!

I noticed that I would go to my Sunday class will horrible cramps but by the end I would be feeling “normal”. I’m not 100% sure why this is, but I’m putting it down to the gentle stretching of my muscles, plus improving my posture and the way my digestive track is sitting. As well as the generally relaxing nature of the class.

Since realising how much better I feel after practise I try to go as regularly as I can and Mint offers so many classes that I can normally fit in two a week.

So if you suffer from IBS or other digestive problems I would definitely recommend trying it. It certainly isn’t a cure to the actual issue but I feel much more comfortable after a yoga practise and it really helps with the painful cramping.